Garbage Duck is a comedy blog originally based out of  NortheastOhio, the somethingest place on earth. Robert “Knuckleduster” Mackey and his pal Billiam “Sleepaway Camp” Rodgers met one day while they were in grade school attending pee wee professional wrestling; which, under ancient Ohio law, is mandatory for all young boys “stoute of legges and notte twisted of spine.”


They discovered they were good at making each other laugh one afternoon while they were learning the art of wrapping barbed wire around a table leg and smacking your opponent in the face with it; an ancient Ohio tradition as old as shoveling snow and the annual fall methamphetamine harvest festival. Robert did a good impression of one of the hunchbacked servant boys fighting for an apple core with the other hunchbacks who lived in a sty behind the school. Everyone who wasn’t a hunchback laughed.

So Bill and Bob started a comedy blog.

Within the last year they were adopted by an organization based in Santa Fe that rescues and vaccinates former Ohio wrestling children.

Sleepaway Camp

But the blog continues on. Their servers currently stream over 200 terabytes of chuckles to the furthest reaches of the Earth that can afford Internet connections (sorry, Kentucky). They are currently working on their first print publication: a omnibus referencing every 1990’s sitcom and sketch comedy show they ever thieved a joke from. They can be followed on Twitter or contacted through their Facebook group. God is love.

E-mail us at garbageduck@gmail.com.