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New Short: The Rapture

Introductions are meaningless when your very soul is at stake — so we’re not going to waste much more of your time setting up the premise of our sixth riff, “The Rapture.”  Fun fact: this was originally Garbage Duck’s second short, until we scrapped it for unknown reasons back in the fabled summer of aught-nine. And now we must apologize, for the previous sentence was neither fun nor wholly factual. But, as promised by our reliable narrator, we’ll soon get what’s coming to us.


New Short: A Day of Thanksgiving

Having problems figuring out what to be thankful for on this special day? Let the Johnson family reach out of the 1950s and throttle you until it’s obvious that simply being alive in this great country is far better than any sort of happiness that comes with eating food on a regular basis.

See the Premiere of Our Fourth Riff!

This Wednesday night, you may be tempted to swallow handful after handful of sleeping pills in the hopes that you’ll wake up in 2010, safe from the clutches of visiting relatives. We suggest that you instead use this time to come to The Oakland and watch our newest Garbage Duck short — and don’t worry, you can still get obliterated to the point that you forget your creepy spinster aunt even exists!

But she does. And she’ll be judging you soon enough.

Located at The Oakland Center for the Performing Arts at 220 West Boardman Street in picturesque Youngstown, Ohio. If you’re coming from out of state, just follow the trail of shattered dreams!

We’ve cooked up a new Thanksgiving-based short in the hopes that you’ll appreciate the little things in life, like cheap, affordable newspapers, and your right to run laundry through a mangle without being beaten and carried away in a bag by some sort of secret police force. Join us, and try to forget that you’ll be kissing scratchy grandma cheeks for the majority of your tomorrow.

Survival Under Atomic Attack

Welcome to the 1950s: an idyllic era known best for its white picket fences, Uncle Milty, and the constant threat of unexpected nuclear war. Luckily, our own government recognized the common fear of being vaporized as the result of a global pissing contest, so they produced several films instructing citizens on how the most dangerous weapons ever created could easily be avoided by cowering in the basement or hiding under a desk made out of balsa wood. This is one of these films.

As Boys Grow

Garbage Duck’s second riffed educational short. Here’s a description ripped right from where it was originally posted:

Our new riff of a not-at-all creepy educational short about puberty from the 1950s. Please put on your 3D glasses and watch boys grow right before your eyes! But do not touch the boys; the boys are not real.

It’s also on YouTube: PART ONE |   PART TWO.

Steel Town USA

Garbage Duck’s first riffed educational short. Here’s a description ripped right from where it was originally posted:

Something Awful’s Bob “BobServo” Mackey enlists the help of forum goon Billiam to deliver an MST3K-style mockery of the horrible town that turned them into the subhuman monsters they are today. No reading necessary by popular demand!

And the video itself:

It’s also on YouTube: PART ONE |   PART TWO.